Laid to Waste on LP

 Debut album of Czech thrash metal band Laid to Waste was just released on red vinyl by Support Underground records. This album belongs to best Czech thrash metal albums ever. The future will confirm.

Törr - Gang Live (demo 1989)

Live recordings of the programme Gang from 1989 served as Törr second demo. Now for the very first time available on vinyl.



Fleshless - Devoured Beyond Recognition

New Fleshless album called Devoured Beyond Recognition is available with a little delay also on vinyl. Afteir their successful Slaves of the God Machine album Fleshless attacks our records player again. Both latest albums, Devoured and Slaves, as well as their early recorings Grinding (as picture LP), and Grindgod are still availabe.

Törr - Witchhammer (demo 1987)

   The cult Törr  demo Witchhammer recorded in 1987 Witchhammer was just released on LP. This recording had a crucial role in the Czechoslovakian metal history. In 2007 in it was released on 2LP as the 20th anniversary special edition, along with other Törr recordings. This release is sold out for a long time, but it is not possible to release again the same 20th anniversary edition. That is why this demo was now, in august 2015, released as an LP, without the other versions and bonuses, in a new cover and with a new inner sleeve.

Big Boss (Root) solo album out now on vinyl

Big Boss (Root vocalist) solo album from 1998 was now released on vinyl. This album is a must for all Root fans. According to some of them, it is more Root, than Root itself (in the later period), according to others it is only a weak shadow of Root. Be it anyhow, now available on vinyl.

Masters Hammer - Vagus Vetus LP

The new Masters Hammer album is now available on vinyl. Released by their own label Jihosound, it comes on heavy black vinyl with 8-page booklet.

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