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 Monster Nation is "metal only, vinyl only" mailorder running from 2003 already. We offer you all kinds of metal on vinyl and nothing more and nothing less than that.  The focus on one genre (metal) and one medium (vinyl) enables to have a very wide (and still wider) choice. We only offer what we physically have in stock and what we are able to dispatch immediately.

We try to keep shipping costs as low as possible by using different courier companies for different countries. The shipping costs will appear after you fill in your address in the check out page. If you wish to know it in advance, please send us a request.

Monster Nation - label

Monster Nation is a "metal only, vinyl only" label releasing mostly (but not only) Czech bands. For us, quality is important, not quantity. We try to release the best recordings, which (with some exceptions) have never been released on vinyl before.

E.g. we have released bands like Root (6 LPs), Törr (5), Krabathor (4), Debustrol (2), Hypnos (4) and others, like  Sax, Titanic, SSOGE, Tortharry etc.

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