You have entered the Monster Nation mailorder. Here you can find here vinyls (only vinyls) with all metal genres.

How to order:
- via this online store
- via email or phone or facebook, please check contacts

All items are avaialble immediately and will be shipped as soon as your payment arrives.

Default currency is Czech Crown (CZK), please use the Currency Switch in right column before you start ordering.

All prices include VAT. I cannot sell without VAT, please do not ask for this.

Payment methods:

Cash on delivery service is not available for international packages. All customers outside the Czech Republic are requested to pay in advance.
Attention: Please, never send your payment until we confirm your order.

Accepted payments methods are the following:

BIC/IBAN bank transfer, exceptionally Pay Pal.


Shipping rates:

Shipping rates depend on the weight and the destination country. They will be calculated automatically. If you are not sure, please feel free to ask. We will answer asap.



Some of our vinyls are second hand. We use the following degrees of condition rating (vinyl/cover):

Vinyl first:

ss - still sealed
n - new, unplayed
m - mint, used record but looks as new, no damage at all
ex - excellent, records with visible marks of time and using, but with no effect on listening
vg+ - very good plus, harms can be listenable when played loud, however only at the silent parts (breaks between the songs above all)
vg - very good, visible and audible harms, usually strongest at the beginning of the first song, sometimes during the song and audible even with normal volume. But the listening can still be very comfortable, with a certain tolerance.
vg- - very good minus, the scratches stongly influnce the listening

We do not sell records with lower grading than vg-, as those are not listenable.

Covers second, we use only 3 degrees:
m - mint, as new
vg+ - not 100% as new, but only with minor attrition, usually at corners or seams, not more than few milimeters
vg- - covers with sticker marks, ringwears etc., if you are not sure better to ask.